Wednesday, August 10, 2011

REAL Black Money Holders from Wiki-leaks : Black money comes mainly from India

If you accumulate only these names, then calculate in US Dollar then, it will come down to ---USD 1.14 TRILLION Dollars.

**** Moreover, it is speculated thatRajeev Gandhi's Account is covertly active by Sonia Gandhi.. and its a HUGE SUM of Money.. almost 2 Lac Cr (~ 45 Billion US Dollars)*********

At a stage where governments around the world have tried to hide away from the embarrassment caused by WikiLeaks expose on black money, founder Julian Assange speaks exclusively the Swiss bank data and Indian names features in the same.

Julian Assange, made a stunning disclosure, that there could be Indian names in the data that WikiLeaks would publish. In the course of the interview, Assange appealed to Indians to absolutely not lose hope that the names of those with secret Swiss accounts will come out at one point in the future. Hinting that Wikileaks might work with specialized agencies before releasing the Swiss bank data he pulled up the Indian government for not being aggressive like Germany in going after the list of Indian account holders. In fact he said India should be more aggressive because India seems like it is losing per capita more tax money than Germany

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