Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kandereega Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

A still from KandireegaIt has become an increasingly challenging task for Telugu film makers to come up with intelligent and imaginative scripts that have a potential to mint money so they have resigned themselves to devising formula stories, with a twist here and there and some pedestrian comedy to craft box office success. Debutant Santosh Srinivas, adopts a safe path to play to the galleries with Kandireega. Kandireega needs no intelligence of the audience or their involvement, it's a film that's designed to kill boredom. Recollect the last few films of Ram or other actors, include this one too, and figure out the story. All of them appear and sound similar with almost similar beginning that begins with the kidnapping of a bride at the altar to trashing the pulp out of the baddies in the climax. What one is left with in between are songs, screams and confusion and of course some fights with knives, swords and axes of all shapes and sizes.
Much of the movie's appeal is generated by Ram who plays Seenu, rebuked and rebuffed by his cousin (Swati) for not completing his graduation. The actor does a good job of pining hopelessly for her but she has set her sights a little higher. A dejected Seenu moves to Hyderabad, joins a college where a group of comedians are waiting to be his sidekicks, as a bundle of warm comic energy and falls in love with Sruthi (Hansika).
Sruthi's job is to tremble and along with other major characters like Sonu Sood and Aksha persevere in the faith that for every person, there is one true love waiting to ride the horse.
As the quest begins to end, more characters are introduced and there is more confusion but Santosh Srinivas has woven the strands together in a clever screenplay establishing what's necessary and concealing what's not required to spring some moderately funny moments.
The strength of the film however formulaic it may be is Ram, he brings in his undeniable energy but there is an immediate need to change his style or it would smack of monotony. The camera focuses on Hansika's flabby side but the surprise is from Aksha who shows a range of emotions.
There isn't much to say about Sonu Sood or J.P. Reddy as it's been long since the baddies have ceased to be distasteful and turned into wholesome entertainers; the problems they create is just fodder for comedy. Kandireega is a routine entertainer, makes more noise but hardly stings. 

Cast: Ram, Hansika, Aksha
Direction: Santosh Srinivas
Music: Thaman

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